PE PP Washing Recycling Machine

  • PE PP Washing Recycling Machine
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PE PP Washing Recycling Machine

Application area

Hard material crushing and washing production line is mainly used in crushing and cleaning all kinds of hollow molding PE, PP material plastic products, as well as all kinds of household appliances, battery shell and other engineering plastic ABS material plastic products. PE and PP category mainly includes milk bottles, food packaging boxes, cups and other products.


Product Description


- Production Line -

HDPE bottle crushing washing recycling line equipment mainly by: belt conveyor, crusher, floating washer, screw conveyor, hot washer, High-speed friction washer, centrifugal dryer, pipeline dryer, storage silo system.


- Value Advantage -


1. The production line has high degree of automation, less labor, low energy consumption and high output.
2. PLC centralized control system, touch screen interface, easy to operate.
3. After crushing and cleaning, the particles can be directly recycled into the granulation production line. Wanmei Machinery can provide a complete set of production lines for crushing, cleaning and granulation.


- Technical Parameter -

Model Capacity
Installation Power


Man Power
PE500 500 170 200 3 600 4-5
PE1000 1000 230 300 4 800 4-5
PE2000 2000 360 400 4 1000 5-6
PE3000 3000 420 500 5 1200 5-6
PE5000 5000 485 800 6 1500 6-7

The PE PP cleaning and recycling machine is specially developed for processing and recycling various plastic products. Its main application areas are the crushing and cleaning of hollow-formed PE and PP materials, such as baby bottles, food packaging boxes, cups and other household plastic products. In addition, it can effectively handle the recycling of engineering plastics, including battery cases and ABS materials.

Our machines feature advanced technology and high-performance components, making them a reliable and efficient choice for any plastic recycling facility or company. The crushing process is precise and accurate, ensuring that plastic materials are broken down into smaller, manageable pieces. This facilitates subsequent cleaning and washing to remove any impurities or contaminants.

One of the main advantages of a PE PP cleaning and recycling machine is its ability to handle many types of plastic products. We understand the complexities of this industry and design machines to suit the specific requirements of different materials. Whether it is PE, PP or ABS plastic, our production lines provide excellent results, ensuring that these waste materials are transformed into valuable resources.

In addition, our machines are equipped with efficient cleaning systems capable of removing various contaminants that may be present on plastic surfaces, including dirt, oil and other residues. Through a combination of high-pressure water jets, friction and mechanical action, the cleaning process guarantees the highest possible cleaning standards.

To further improve sustainability, PE PP washing and recycling machines promote minimizing water and energy consumption. We implement cutting-edge systems that reduce waste and emissions, ensuring your plastics recycling operation meets global environmental standards.

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